Zoning & Natural Resources

The Zoning Division is tasked with the provision of services and enforcement of matters related to the City Code.

Telephone:  (434) 455-3900
FAX:  (434) 845-7630

Zoning Ordinance (link to Municode)

The Zoning Ordinance regulates matters pertaining to uses permitted in specific zoning districts including: setbacks/yard regulations of principal and accessory structures (including residential and commercial uses), home occupations, livestock and poultry and sign regulations to name a few.

The Zoning Ordinance does not regulate matters such as private deed restrictions, noise and other complaints similar in nature. Private matters are civil matters that must be handled with a private attorney.
Board of Zoning Appeals Application

Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

As a regional urban hub, the City of Lynchburg will focus and strive to attract new developments.  The City's Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance is one of the regulatory tools that has been adopted to protect the City's natural resources during the development process.

City of Lynchburg Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

Stormwater Management Program

Beginning July 1, 2014, all localities will be REQUIRED by the Commonwealth of Virginia to enforce the Virginia Stormwater Management Act. Please review the City of Lynchburg Stormwater Ordinance for more details. 

City of Lynchburg- Stormwater Management

This map shows areas that discharge to a combined sewer system and are therefore exempt from quantity and quality regulations (but must still comply with MS-19):

As of July 1, 2014, new regulations are in effect regarding the Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP). If you are a builder or land developer, you could be required to obtain a VSMP authority permit from DEQ for each new project prior to issuance of a local land disturbance permit. The VSMP Permit will:

For more information on the Virginia Stormwater Management Program, including links to the Laws and Regulations, please visit the following websites:

Department of Environmental Quality - Stormwater Management

Department of Environmental Quality - Stormwater Management - VSMP Regulations

COL - 2021 VSMP Admin. Guidance Manual, click here

  • Appendices (where you can view, print or download the document)
    • A, VA SWM Act - click here 
    • B, VA SWM Program Regs_2013 - due to the size of the document click here to be directed to the website .
    • C, COL SWM Ordinance - click here 
    • D, VSMP Project Plan Process - click here 
    • E, Gen VPDES Permit_2019-07-01 - click here 
    • F, Cons. GP Registration Statement - click here 
    • G, ESC and SWM Plan form and checklist - click here 
    • H, Completeness Rev. Checklist - click here 
    • I, SWPPP Template - click here
    • J, Erosion Control Notes_ESC Inspection Rep. - click here
    • K, VRRM New Compliance and Re-Dev. Spreadsheets_2017-08-20 click here
    • L, SWMA Template - click here
    • M, ESC & SWM Surety Est. Spreadsheets - click here
    • N, VSMP Permit & SWM Surety Est. Spreadsheet - click here
    • O, Project Completion Form_NOT_04/2019 - click here
    • P, Post-Construction Inspection - click here
    • Q, Example of Notice of Corrective Action - click here

Citizen Concerns:  Please contact Citizens First at 434-856-2489 for the following:

  • Property with land disturbance greater than 1,000 SF.
  • Stormwater runoff from an active construction site.

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